Across Time and Continents
A Tribute to Victor G. Kiernan
Edited By: Prakash Karat
978-81-87496-34-2, LeftWord, 2003, pp. viii+255
Categories: History/General/Imperialism.
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About The Book:
This volume is to honour Victor Kiernan, one of the most distinguished Marxist historians alive 'a member, along with Eric Hobsbawm, of the famous British Communist Party Historians' Group of the 1940s, consisting of E.P. Thompson, Christopher Hill, Rodney Hilton, George Rud, A.L. Morton and others. Kiernan, as Christopher Hill observed, 'is one of the most versatile of British historians', and his interests spread across time and continents. Reproduced here is a selection of Kiernan's historical writings on India, on the Urdu poets Faiz and Iqbal, and his reminiscences of his India years. The volume also contains an appreciation of the historian and the man by Eric Hobsbawm; a lengthy study of Kiernan's work by Harvey J. Kaye; and an Introduction by the editor.

Across Time and Continents is a delightful introduction to an outstanding historian of the Marxist school, one of the finest writers of English prose, and a fighter for a better world.
"In his career of enormous and, if anything, accelerating productivity ranging over centuries and continents [Victor Kiernan] has, so far as I am aware, no parallel among twentieth-century British historians."
Eric J. Hobsbawm

"Across Time and Continents is a wonderfully pleasant tribute to a leading Marxist historian and a friend of the people of India and South Asia."
The Hindu
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