Islam, South Asia & The Cold War

By: A.G. Noorani
9788382381006, Tulika, 2012, pp. x + 470
Categories: All Tulika titles/Politics/Current Affairs.
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About The Book:
Islam, South Asia & The Cold War is a collection of articles written by A.G. Noorani over the last twenty-five years, and published in various dailies and journals to which he has been a regular contributor, including Frontline, The Statesman, The Indian Express, The Illustrated quarterly Criterion.

The book is divided into three thematic sections – Islam and Muslims, South Asian Themes and Ravages of the Cold War – and provides interesting insights into the issues dealt with, from the perspective of a leading political commentator and legal expert of our times.

A.G. Noorani is Advocate, Supreme Court of India, and a leading constitutional expert and political commentator. He is a regular columnist for Frontline and the author of numerous books, including: Articles 370: A Constitutional History of Jammu and Kashmir (2010), Jinnah and Tilak: Comrades in the Freedom Struggle (2010), India-China Boundary Problem 1846–1947: History and Diplomacy (2010), Indian Political Trials, 1775–1947 (2006), Constitutional Questions and Citizens’ Rights (2006), The Muslims of India: A Documentary Record (editor, 2003), Islam and Jihad: Prejudice versus Reality (2003), and the two-volume The Babri Masjid Question 1528-2003: ‘A Matter of National Honour’ (editor, 2003).
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